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Flexi™ Toilet Scrubber

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  • Stop Missing Spots On Your Toilet - Flat soft TPR brush head designed to reach any corner for you. Very helpful with cleaning the toilet lid edge, and inside the groove of the toilet.

  • Keep Your Hands Clean - The handle of the brush is designed to keep your hand's clean while cleaning.

  • Durable Holder - The brush holder comes with a stable base that allows you to dry the brush quicker. With a clever ventilation design, the holder channels water away through the upper and lower ends, which makes it easier to keep the base clean. 

  • Non-scratch Brush - The silicone rubber brush head leaves the toilet surface scratch-free, which is more friendly than traditional brushes. Perfect for keeping your toilet protected.

  • Reduce Odor - Putting the brush into the holder will block any inner smell and any unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

  • Multiple Usages To Clean Multiple Things - Buy multiple for each bathroom or use it for a sink, washbasin, and even bathtubs. 


    Fast Drying Mounting rack

    There are vents on the side of the Flexi Scrubber, which is more conducive to ventilation. The bottom water leak can keep the base clean, but we do not recommend that you hang it high on the wall.

    Scratch-Free Brush Head

    We use high-quality, easy-to-clean TPR material to make the Flexi Scrubber, which makes it very durable and flexible. The silicone Flexi Scrubber will never wear and deform, and it will never scratch the surface of the toilet like a traditional brush.

    Easier to Clean Corners of The Toilet

    Compared with the pointed toilet brush for bathroom, the flat toilet bowl cleaner brush head has a wider cleaning area and is more labor-saving. It can clean all corners of the toilet deeply by bending at different angles.

    Why Buy From Us?

    We are a US-based company. All our orders are shipped with fast free shipping, so you can use your Flexi Scrubber™ right away. We also offer a 30-day home trial so you can decide whether Flexi Scrubber™ is for you or not. All our customers are backed with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Amy Douglas
    5of 5 stars LOVE THIS BRUSH!

    I 100% recommend this toilet brush to everyone. This brush cleans well, it’s easy to clean after use, and the brush handle doesn’t hurt your handle after prolonged periods of use like other toilet brushes do. 10/10!

    Devon Price
    Great value for a great product!

    Worked quicker and better than any of the old bristle brushes I’ve bought it the past! It took me about 5 minutes to thoroughly clean my toilet. The silicone bristles removed grime and stains from an old toilet I was cleaning in the first swipe across the water line. Going to buy some more for upcoming projects. With its shape and flexibility, I bet it will great on my Jeep rims and wheel well.

    Josh Williams
    Works great

    Cleans so much better than the old plastic bristle style cleaners. With the old style ones, the bristles always flatten out over time and you have to buy a new one. But this one is designed different, should last a long time.

    Katelyn Hoffman
    Small handy toilet brush

    This toilet brush is great, really gets up inside the bowl.....
    It's light and not cumbersome and can be stored under the sink, it's not big and clunky.
    I'm ordering another one, I wanted to see how good this one was first.
    I'd recommend this product.

    Alessandra Moen
    Simply more sanitary

    I bought this for my RV toilet but decided to test this out on my toilets inside of my house. Not only does it clean so much better but it perfectly fits up underneath in the smaller crevice that I have a problem cleaning. I didn't think this was going to clean my toilet because of it's size but don't let the size fool you. It not only cleans the toilets in my house with no issues but when it comes to cleaning my toilet in my RV, it does a great job. The toilet in my RV is a little smaller than the ones in my home and this brush fits so much better than the last toilet brush I bought. Not to mention, when it comes to cleaning, it really gives it a thorough cleaning. Cleaning the brush is really easy to do too

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